Flower Napkin Holders

$14.97 $20

Shape and display your napkins?beautifully and?impress your guests?at your next social gathering.

Our Flower Napkin Holders?are shaped to look like long, lovely floral stems and turn ordinary napkins into?blossoming flowers!?Transform a regular napkin into a stunning rose, tulip or amaryllis in seconds by simply twisting a napkin and attaching it to the stem-like napkin holder. They're guaranteed to impress your guests!

Mix & match different colored napkins to?create your own special flower?bouquet for your loved ones. Perfect for a?romantic dinner, ladies luncheon,?gathering of family and friends?or any other special occasions.


  • Simply?twist to fold?your napkins into blossoming flowers
  • Mix and match to create your own unique floral bouquet
  • Fits?ALL types of napkins
  • Perfect for families, friends and?all occasions
  • Includes: 4?Flower Napkin Holders

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