Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover

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Color: Arrow baby carriage cover

Multi Use Covers for Every Mother

Soft, stretchy, and tons of uses.?The Kids Such Multi-Use Nursing Covers can be used to cover the car seat, shopping carts, high chairs, and shield mothers while nursing; plus so much more!

Mothers around the world?have shared how they love our Multi Use Nursing Covers. They are?perfect for baby shower gifts?that any new mother will love!

A Modern and Fashionable Car Seat Canopy

Easily peek in on your little one and never have to wonder how they're doing.

Each Multi Use Cover is made from a?machine washable, high quality fabric that stretches comfortably around your child's car seat.?

Intended for year-round use, our special blend fabric is breathable for summer, yet capable of cutting down on the wind during cooler winter months.?

360¡ã Protection from:

  • Wind, rain, or bugs
  • Nosy strangers
  • Germs
  • Airborn particles like dust and dirt
  • Bright lights

A Practical and Comfortable Nursing Cover

Soft, stretchy, and able to provide?360¡ã coverage?while mothers breastfeed in public.

Unlike the traditional nursing cover, the Kids? Such Multi Use Nursing Cover will stay in place and provide a snug environment for your nursing baby.?

Mothers can wear it with one arm out of the cover, or both arms inside depending on preference.?

Nursing with one arm out is perfect when you're dining out or multi-tasking?like a super mom!

How will you use your Multi Use Nursing Cover?

Our Multi Use Nursing Covers provide you the piece of mind knowing that wherever your baby goes, they will be?protected from germs.

As your little one grows, you can place the cover around them while they sit in a shopping cart or high chair so that they're always protected.?

Naptime has never been so sweet! Your Multi Use Nursing Cover fits perfectly around whatever car seat you have.?

Peeking in on your little one is simple and can be done quickly so you don't wake the baby! That's one reason why our Multi Use Covers are the go-to choice for any baby shower.

It's amazing how many ways you can use the Kids N' Such Multi Use Nursing Cover:

  • Nursing Cover
  • Car Seat Canopy
  • Shopping Cart Cover
  • High Chair Cover
  • Nursing Scarf
  • Baby Blanket
  • Changing Pad
  • Tummy-time Play Mat
  • and so much more!

? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- It's not just hype. We are known for having top products AND customer service.

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